Frequently Asked Questions

What is the aim of Blueskies?
Blueskies was founded to help bands and artists get paid work and help ease the burden on them in the day-to-day booking of gigs, allowing them to focus on creating great music - however it also assists with promotion, radio airplay, live videos, recording, funding and much more.

Is blueskies a management company / booking agent?
In essence, yes - however unlike some management companies or booking agents, Blueskies aims to provide a flexible framework to suit each artist's needs - talent should be nurtured on a mutually benficial basis, rather than smothered by an "all-or-nothing" approach or "hard sell" which risk creativity for short-term financial gain.

If I work with Blueskies will I lose my own identity / surrender control?
No - artists are encouraged to treat Blueskies as a community of like-minded individuals striving towards a common goal - to bring their music to a wider audience and to generate opportunities for themselves and others within it, whilst also being free to persue other opportunities at their leisure.
Blueskies does not incorporate any restrictive ties, contracts, or other measures which could limit the artist's growth. Instead, Blueskies aims to provide a framework/platform to assist, not control.

Is it a charity or a business?
It is a business and it does have a business plan.

Can Blueskies fund me?
No — but Blueskies is actively seeking financial sponsors for acts and has already had success in this area.

Will Blueskies come to my gigs?
Sadly Blueskies and its representatives cannot attend every event we are invited to.
If you wish to audition for paid slots at our showcase events, please attend one of our Open Mic Nights.

Will I be forced to sing other people's songs or covers?
No — one of our main aims is to provide opportunities for original material to be performed.
Although there may be a little flexibility required for some events, these instances will be discussed and agreed in advance — and there will also be events designed strictly for the performance of original material only.

Does Blueskies have other services?
Negotiations are on going concerning Studios publisher/label/distribution/promotion and other support elements. Many of these will be tied up with any sponsorship deal and tailored to each act at the time. Contracts are very likely to be involved then.

I am a music tutor/voice coach can I advertise my skills with Blueskies?
Blueskies will listen to any sensible suggestions that will be helpful to artists, a modest charge for using Blueskies network may apply.

I am a songwriter — Can Blueskies find me a singer/band?
We can try — best to come and listen to the artists and approach them directly.
There are also videos on line where you can listen to those who have been working with Blueskies in any capacity.


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