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2015 Highs and lows.

Monday 14th December 2015

We've had another fascinating if challenging year.

A big thank you to all acts, friends and fans that have spent time with us throughout 2015.
Musically it has been a year of reorganisation and planning.
We had a great time at Staxtonbury and Shuffle Shuffle music festivals and our involvement for 2016 will be bigger than ever at Staxtonbury as we are taking on the open mic venture on the Saturday 2nd July 2016.
Other highlights have included gigs with Lost Trends, Lost in the Crowd , Jimbo Doomface, Suzy Braddley, Sophia Lombardi, Tom McKenzie, Harrison Rimmer to mention a few, and also helping SASH (safe and sound homes).
Yes we would like to have done more 'out front' and we have high hopes for 2016.
All year we have been in discussions but we can't announce anything just yet.
The album for SASH has made a good start but there remains a lot more to do before we can announce a release date and a tour. It has been great fun working with the team at Dr. Shakamoto's and I would like to express my personal thanks to Owen and Lee for writing a tune for a set of lyrics. To Will and Andy for the work so far in recording and mixing that track and seven others.

Thanks also to Andy (Presh) Precious for the gradual development of the website, which is at last approaching the end of phase 1

I'd like to thank Nick Cope - but just can't bring myself to do it.

Thanks also to Graeme Smith -York Calling and David Nicholson - York Mix, for their support and articles.

We will have more news about 2016 shortly.

Merry Christmas to all.


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