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New project now launched

Thursday 5th May 2016

Working with Ben and Loiuse at Lendal Cellars a new platform for music has been set up.

One or two live music venues in York have moved or announced they are stopping live music, preferring DJ's or other froms of entertainment, so it's great news that Lendal Cellars is setting out to stop the rot!

At the end of April Blueskies ran a succesful trial event - called Irregular Fridays, as the name implies it isn't on every Friday - but often enough for those who enjoy to perform or listen to live music. The format has an open mic at the start with a different host each time, followed by a featured act and then a jam session. Allied to this is the potential for future paid gigs a the discretion of the venue & Blueskies for those that impress.

Blueskies is also collaborating with Lendal Cellars on further events, including nthe Staxtonbury qualifier being held this Friday 6th May - free entry - form 8pm.

There are more exciting events to be announced including gigs, studio work, more albums to follow on from 'My Street' in 2017, all day events and festival slot opportunities. During the remainder of 2016 Blueskies will working to find the right artists to work with on these programmes, so if you are new, up and coming talent keep watching the events page.


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