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Monday 15th January 2018

My Street; A song I hope will make you think - how can I make a difference, and provides you with the answer

The track is about the loneliness of homelessness, but it doesn''t end there.

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Originally written as a poem my early attempts to translate it into a song were assisted by James Corkish. Then local Folk singer/songwriter Suzy Bradley helped to craft it further changing a word or two and completing a tune. It was recorded, it was pretty good but Blueskies wanted to craft it further and Suzy had other distractions, namely the expected arrival of a family! Already talking to the team at Dr. Shakamoto's in York, a plan was hatched to develop the track further. In between handling a move to new bigger premises in Leeds the studio worked on the track. Jess Penn wrote a new tune and over time after a few changes by me and some excellent work by Jess, Andy Baker and Will Gurrey the track you can hear today emerged.

The reasons for the track are many, here is a brief explanation of how it came about...

Some years ago I left a music gig that I'd help to set up and noticed a man in a doorway. I dropped him a few coins, he thanked me. Over the coming weeks this happened with the same man and some of his friends, and graduated to me buying sandwiches and drinks from a local late night fast food outlet. One evening I only had a £20 note in my pocket, the shop was closed for refurbishment.

I gave nothing.

Feeling very ashamed of myself when I got home I started a voucher scheme that allowed me to leave money at a sandwich shop and hand out the vouchers. This scheme is small and still running in York.

This process brought me into contact with others and I've done some small fund raising events to help local organisations. To paraphrase'The rest will be history in the making'

It is available to download FREE and you can share it as many times as you like.

Listen and download here:

Donate here:

Money raised will be used locally throughout York to help those struggling with homelessness and to contribute to funding of the voucher scheme.


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