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2nd Track released

Monday 26th February 2018

As part of the ongoing process of supporting local music, musicians a second song ' Rescue' has been released.

In keeping with the original aims of Blueskies 'Rescue' was also co-written with local unsigned musicians. Once again singer/songwriter Jess Penn provides the vocals and the team at Dr. Shakamoto's played a key role in helping to craft the track. Whilst Graham Blueskies was involved with the production Will Gurrey and Andy Baker played significant roles in sound recording, mixing and final mastering.

The song can be found on the bandcamp site

The original track and donation points are here

Listen and download here:

Donate here:

There will be more to follow as Blueskies aims to link all the elements of the various projects togehter to form an infrasturture that will help emerging musicians and singer/songwriters find some of the platforms they need. One of the key benefits is that singer/songwriters and other musicians can have their own resources complimented by those of Blueskies in ways that allow the artists to see where and if they wish to make compromises to progress their careers. Blueskies says ..... ' we cannot help everyone all the time and it is often a matter of a gentle collision through opportunity that brings people together. I am particularly aware of the growing number of 'miracle platforms' out there that are more about perception in the mind than of real impact. It is very difficult to select and update the streams you need to be using, all have some benefit but timing and persistence are of great importance... '


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