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Funding agreed

Monday 16th April 2018

Following the introduction of new events at The Golden Lion and Lendal Cellars new funding has been arranged.

As with all Blueskies events we first set out to prove the format with trial elements, often with no funding, we constantly review the events, there take up and appeal. Blueskies is very pleased to confirm that three events are now approved and have recieved some funding to help them grow, which means musicians will get some expenses.

The events - Irregular Friday's - as the name implies not held often, is back in the blocks revamped and focused more on the artists than before. In addition the acosutic event at The Golden Lion - The Lion Croons Tonight will be held once a month with Lendal's Lounge also reverting to monthly. Both of these events are held on Wednesday nights -woth keeping tabs on fb events and the website for updates.


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