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Breaking York Radio show - Part 2

Tuesday 12th March 2019

11th March - Part 2

Jess Penn – Spare Me The Lecture from Blueskies EP – My Street

Time to talk about Lucy Starr

Lucy is a singer/songwriter currently Hull based and gigging regularly

Indie folk singer-songwriter and acoustic guitarist. Lucy has her debut EP out – ‘Bitter Sweet’ – here is the first track ‘ Shame’

Looking forward to Lucy being on the show at the beginning of April – 8th – so log that in your digital calendars please.

Next gig – Pedlar Night Market in Sheffield on 3rd May

Want to tell you about a new track I’m working on – but I’ve only got the boring bit to say – we’re working on it. With the help of Dr. Shaks who wrote the base tune Sophie Norris has been working through my lyrics to put it all together. Sadly at this point I can’t say more, but I’m excited about it and can’t keep it quite any longer!


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