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Radio Show 25th March 7pm

Saturday 23rd March 2019

So Breaking York on Monday 25th sees us break new ground. As well as some more from Colin Cutler and another track from Lucy Starr, our guest in two weeks time, we also have a new track from local band The Recievers - we'll be playing the newly released single - 'Saturday' and letting you know about their gig dates, and other fun stuff - have a new track from Nathan Jessop - on so 'n' so music another track from Quiet Eyes, not played before . Listen out for it and the competition to win tickets to see them playing at Staxtonbury Music Festival on 4th July. More from Kid Conventional aka Jack Weston an unusual track from Ihrsan called Scoobydoo and hopefully a bit from a Blueskies track out on spotify etc courtesy of a remix with Paulie - he's remixed Rescue (me) you'll be able to find it on all the usual platforms as of now, enjoy.

Look forward to sharing a little of Monday evening with you from 7pm on Breaking York - the show where you find original original, created not invented, the art of art, not the science of art in the charts. Get real, break free, tune in to Breaking York.


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