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Jimbo Doomface EP launch

Monday 18th November 2013

Jimbo's EP launch was a great success.

Had the most fantastic weekend, the Jimbo Doomface, "Save Us From The Blues" E.P launch on friday was top notch, sold a bunch of cd's listened to some great music by The Sex Cripples -

and Rat Catchers Mallets

Both absolutely (i can never spell absolutely right) worth spending a few minutes to look up and witness.

Thankyou so much to everyone who helped make it a success,
Mumsie and Stepdaddy, (PaulaTerryGraham BlueskiesAndrew Precious, Thanks again to Kaitl(in) and Emily Shmemily Shmoo for doing the sound and lights, (especially the picture of bums mum was blissfully unaware she was sat under all night) 

Went to catch the end of Jade Helliwell Music's set at the Rook & Gaskill on Saturday evening, really looking forward to sharing the bill with her at the post office club on Fri the 13th next month, i've got my very own limited edition Jade Helliwell plectrum at the ready. Stronger than Iron man. fact.

Got up late on Sunday, watched some Breaking Bad, and then on to The Mount pub york for a quick warm up and to help set up the open mic there (which returns for what will probably be a longer session next week at half six) and drink a lot of water, before scooting across town to The Three-Legged Mare where i had the good fortune to find Alistair Lawrence waiting, piano in hand, (pint in t'other) to accompany me on the ivories and play the weekend out in style.

now it's monday morning, i'm up bright and early- probably too early- fancy writing some new music today- any suggestions for covers, or inspiration? might try and write a country style song. 

i'm setting a personal challenge, write a new song, and play it at the open mic tomorrow...



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